Security is Key

The moment you lose your phone is usually sheer panic. Take a deep breath: you’ve taken all the measures to protect it…right?

If you haven’t already, here are some tips on mobile security for the next time you leave it in a coffee shop or washroom stall (we’ve all done it once).

  • Put a passcode on it. Yes, it locks every minute or so but this will make it harder for others to get into your phone.
  • Locate it – duh! Some smartphones have the capability of being tracked by another device. If you’re able to add that capability, you may find your mobile on the beach where you left it!
  • Wipe it clean – not (just) literally. If you think someone has your smartphone, sometimes you can set up a remote wipe. Remember to have a backup of personal items so you can do so confidently.
  • Fight the urge. Public Wi-Fi is not secure, so be attentive to what you’re using it for. Don’t do your banking while you’re at the coffee shop!

Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

Our mobile devices have become our lifeline. It’s important to keep them healthy so that we can have them at our fingertips (literally). But, a fully-charged battery doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The biggest complaint with some mobiles is battery-life – and it’s usually a short one.

How can we prevent the slow electronic-sucking zombies from taking our battery-life? Keep it healthy.

Here are some tips on how to keep your smartphone alive longer:

  • Don’t overcharge. Most smartphones contain a lithium-ion battery, which means it needs to be treated differently. Keeping it charged more than 50% is important – but not at 100%. Somewhere between 50-80% throughout the day will give the lithium-ion battery a good workout without overworking it. When the percent starts to dip down, just plug it in a couple of times throughout the day to give it a little juice. Don’t go from zero to 100, as that is more damaging and straining on the battery.
  • Keep it cool. No one (or thing) likes to be overheated.
  • Check those apps. Some apps can be a real drain on your battery. Maybe you think the battery is dying, but really, all your games are running in the background. Check the settings to see what is running and when. Location Services is usually a culprit!
  • Sleep. We all love it, and your mobile does too. Turning your mobile off to give it some rest can help it charge more quickly. And, if you’re in a ‘dead zone’, your mobile will continue to search for a signal, whether it’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (which should be turned off unless you’re using it) or network – shutting it off will minimize its efforts.

Basically, treat your smartphone like you’d treat yourself – it likes to be comfy and relaxed too.

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