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Bruce Telecom Brings High Speed Fibre to Port Elgin, Tiverton & Paisley


May 24, 2024

Everything from video calls to streaming your favourite entertainment is faster and easier in some areas of Bruce County now that Bruce Telecom has completed its most significant fibre optic cable installation in several years.

The project completion, which started in 2023, means more than 1,500 homes in Port Elgin, Paisley and Tiverton are already enjoying, or are ready for connection to Fibre to the Home, promising considerably faster Internet including whole home Wi-Fi, digital TV, and home phone services.

“This is an exciting milestone for us. All homes in Tiverton and Paisley are fibre-ready, with 380 homes in Port Elgin also ready. Our staff team and contractors have worked diligently over the past year to get this in the ground so customers can start to access the improved service,” said Ray Lahoud, CEO of Bruce Telecom.

He says that property owners can expect to hear from Bruce Telecom in the next few weeks with an opportunity to get on the fibre service, and new bundled service offerings promise solid savings in addition to faster and more reliable service. Customers are also welcome to call the company at 1-866-517-2000 Monday to Saturday or visit a store location in Port Elgin or Kincardine.

Fibre to the Home is considered the most advanced technology to provide the best internet connection throughout your home, all through a single strand of glass at the speed of light. Unlike traditional copper cables, fibre cables use light instead of electricity to transmit data, making them faster, stronger, and more reliable.

With a fibre connection, data literally moves at the speed of light. Fibre is also less impacted by environmental issues, such as water or extreme temperatures, making it more durable to withstand Canadian winters and summers, along with environmental factors that would otherwise cause deterioration over time.

Bruce Telecom is committed to continue expanding its fibre network across the serving territories in the coming years.


Ray Lahoud, President & Chief Excecutive Officer


E: president@brucetelecom.com

EH!tel Welcomes Raymond Lahoud as President and Chief Excecutive Officer


April 10, 2024

EH!tel Welcomes Raymond Lahoud as President & Chief Excecutive Officer

Holstein, Ontario – EH!tel is pleased to announce the appointment of Raymond Lahoud as it’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 10, 2024.

Ray brings a wealth of experience and a strong background in telecommunications to EH!tel. With over 25 years of leadership in the industry, strategic acumen, and passion for innovation, Ray is poised to lead EH!tel into its next phase of growth and development.

Ray will also be continuing in his role as President and CEO of Bruce Telecom and is looking forward to working with both companies as the industry evolves.  Ray’s deep understanding of the telecommunications landscape, combined with his strategic vision and proven track record of success, will be instrumental in driving both EH!tel and Bruce Telecom forward towards their strategic goals of growth, and providing exceptional value to their customers. 

Ray expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity with both companies, stating, “I am honoured to join EH!tel as its President and CEO and lead the company in its mission to connect rural communities.  I am excited to work with the talented team at EH!tel and Bruce Telecom to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers and drive sustainable growth for both companies.”

Please join us in welcoming Ray Lahoud to EH!tel and wishing him every success in the new role.

Together we serve our communities better. 

About EH!tel:

EH!tel is a local provider of telecommunication solutions, specializing in rural Fibre and Wireless point to point Internet connections, TV, and Home Phone service.  www.ehtel.ca

About Bruce Telecom:

Bruce Telecom provides the communities of Kincardine, Port Elgin, Tiverton, Southampton, Chesley, Paisley, Owen Sound and the surrounding region with a full range of home and business Land-Line Phone, Internet, TV, and Cellular services, as well as a suite of business services including hosted PBX.   www.brucetelecom.com

About Windsor Private Capital:

Windsor Private Capital is a Toronto based asset management firm with a breadth of experience in a wide range of industry sectors. Most recently, Windsor Private Capital expanded it’s Infrastructure Fund through investments in EH!tel Networks and Bruce Telecom with 100% ownership in both companies.  www.windsorgp.com


Ray Lahoud

President & Chief Excecutive Officer

Bruce Telecom and EH!tel

T: 519-385-5443

E: president@brucetelecom.com