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Chesley Getting High Speed Internet

Chesley will be getting high-speed Internet this spring. Full details in this news story.

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Bruce Telecom Bringing Fibre to Chesley Home Service in April

Bruce Telecom is bringing Fibre to the Home Service to the residents of Chesley beginning in April 2019. Fibre optic service offers the fastest Internet speeds available, operating at the speed of light. By the time construction is complete, bandwidth capacity for Fibre to the Home Service will be offered at up to 1 gigabit per second to each home.

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Free WiFi Now Available in Downtown Kincardine

Strolling along the friendly sidewalks of beautiful downtown Kincardine, you wonder, “what is the most popular ice cream flavor in Canada?” Now you don’t have to wonder, you can look it up on your phone without touching your wireless data!

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Security is Key

The moment you lose your phone is usually sheer panic. Take a deep breath: you’ve taken all the measures to protect it…right?

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Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

Our mobile devices have become our lifeline. It’s important to keep them healthy so that we can have them at our fingertips (literally). But, a fully-charged battery doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The biggest complaint with some mobiles is battery-life – and it’s usually a short one.

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