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Accessibility Feedback

Bruce Telecom Feedback Process

Bruce Telecom is committed to making our services more accessible and have introduced products and enhanced services tailored to meet the needs of all our customers.  We continue to learn and develop ways in which we can be more accessible and inclusive to meet the needs of people with disabilities. 

We welcome your feedback as it provides an opportunity for Bruce Telecom to learn and improve your experience.  Feedback can be general or specific, but providing more details such as the date, the name of the webpage, application or activity involved, may make it easier for us to understand your concerns.

Feedback can be sent to our Director of Customer Experience using any of the following methods:


Bruce Telecom
Director of Customer Experience
3145 Highway 21
Tiverton, Ontario
N0G 2T0



Online webform

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Anonymous Feedback

Individuals providing feedback have the opportunity to provide personal information and contact information but those things are not required if they wish to remain anonymous.  If anyone wishes to submit feedback anonymously, the online webform may be the best method to do so.  The online webform ensures we are not exposed to any personal information such as name, address, or contact information.

Acknowledgement of Feedback

Automatic acknowledgement of receipt will be sent for feedback received by email and webform.  Feedback provided through telephone involves direct interaction with a Bruce Telecom employee, therefore the employee will acknowledge receipt of the feedback. For feedback received by mail, if contact information is provided, an acknowledgement will be mailed to the address provided.

How feedback will be used

Feedback will help Bruce Telecom to continuously improve our accessibility efforts.  Some feedback may not require a direct response or immediate follow-up, and some may highlight issues that need to be addressed right away.  However, all feedback received will help Bruce Telecom develop its future accessibility plans and it will help us know how we are progressing towards our accessibility goals.  The feedback we receive will be taken into consideration when we write our accessibility progress reports, published in the years between our accessibility plans.


All feedback will be stored at Bruce Telecom for the required seven-year period. 

Alternative Formats

You can request an alternative format of our feedback process in print, large print, Braille, audio format or an electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology by sending an email to accessible@brucetelecom.com