BT rev

BT rev is the perfect blend of copper and fibre to provide you with faster service. We’ve revved up our bundles to meet your needs!

  • Binge away!
  • Download in seconds!
  • Zoom for hours!

By taking advantage of BT rev, you will get where you need to go faster, and be able to stream more — all without any equipment upgrades! You can also add Bruce Telecom TV services. Even better, we can bundle your services and save you money!

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What is BT rev?

BT Rev is a blend of copper and fibre-optic cables, also known as Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC). This type of fibre-option broadband services uses Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) technology which can deliver much faster speeds over shorter distances. Fibre-optic cables are run from Bruce Telecom right up to the VDSL cabinet located in your neighbourhood. The remaining distance (from the cabinet to your home), runs over the existing copper lines.

What are the benefits of BT rev?

  • Speeds become significantly higher
  • Stronger connection consistency
  • Less potential for peak periods
  • No need to upgrade any equipment

Do I have to bundle to get faster internet?

No, bundling is not necessary to increase your internet speed. But if you have more than one service, you could save money by bundling.

What will the upload and download speeds be?

This will depend on what BT package you select and how close you are to the VDSL cabinet in your neighbourhood.  Our customer care representatives are here to help get you that information. Please contact our team at 519-368-2000 or toll free at 866-517-2000.

Can I get your TV service?

YES, you can get Bruce Telecom’s terrific TV service! Even better, we can bundle your services and save you money.

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