Boost your Connection with Bruce Telecom’s Enhanced Wi-Fi Solution

Diagram of a home showing how enhanced wi-fi work with the electric power extenders. More information in caption.
[Diagram] – Shows cross-section of a house with the Internet Modem in the main entertainment area connected to the Extended Wi-Fi “Powerline Adapter”, which sends Internet signals through the existing electrical wiring of the home to receiving extenders located in both an upstairs office and a bedroom, at opposite ends of the house and providing wall-to-wall wireless connectivity.

No matter the size of your home, our Enhanced Wi-Fi solution provides seamless wall-to-wall connectivity for streaming, working, and staying connected to what matters most.

Improves Wi-Fi Performance

Our premium gateways provide dual-band Wi-Fi technology to improve your user experience. Your devices will connect at faster speeds and with more reliability.

Solves Wi-Fi Dead Zone Issues

Our advanced Powerline Mesh Points can be added to bring Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach locations like garages, basements, and far-away rooms.

Elevates Your Game

This solution is built to handle even higher bandwidths and lower latency to provide the best performance for gaming and streaming.

internet modem plus powerline adapter equals extended wi-fi service in your home even in hard-to-reach locations, no matter the distance.

Powerline Extender (wireless extender)

The Powerline + Wi-Fi wireless expansion device ensures you have Wi-Fi coverage no matter where your modem is in your home. By pairing your modem with our Powerline Extender you can have maximum coverage wherever you are in your home.

Bruce Telecom wi-fi extender

Adaptive Roaming – Your Wi-Fi devices are continuously connected to the strongest signal for an enhanced Wi-Fi experience.

Auto Configuration – The network continuously extends changes to the Wi-Fi settings (SSID, Password, Channel, Security) for simplified setup & management.

Unified Connectivity – The SSID/Password automatically becomes unified under one network per band.

Diagram showing how adaptive roaming works as you move through your home your device connects to the more powerful node.
[Diagram] – Adaptive Roaming knows when and where to connect you. Traditional WiFi clings to weak WiFi signals while new Adaptive Roaming continuously connects to the strongest WiFi signal. Diagram of a home cross-section shows adaptive roaming switching to the stronger signals of the Enhance WiFi Extenders when changing floors or at the farthest point away from the main router.

Want to enhance your Bruce Telecom Wi-Fi Solution?

internet modem plus powerline adapter plus powerline extender for improved wi-fi from Bruce Telecom.

Powerline Extender


– per Wi-Fi Powerline Extender 
– $59.95 one-time set up fee

Actual Wi-Fi performances are dependent upon network and device conditions. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency will only work on 5 GHz enabled devices. Many environmental factors beyond Bruce Telecom’s control may adversely affect Wi-Fi performance. To receive a modem as a new customer, customers must subscribe to any Bruce Telecom Internet plan. All equipment must be returned upon cancellation or it will be billed out after cancellation. All equipment must be returned in like-new condition with power cord. Hardware provided by Bruce Telecom may be new or refurbished.