Business Phone + Internet

Learn about our business bundle below or select a different bundle option.

  • Business

    This bundle includes the following:

    • Business Class Phone
    • Elite Phone Feature Package
    • Long Distance from $0.04/min
    • Choice of Available Internet Speed

    Choose the desired Internet speed from the available options below to find your bundle price.

  • Business 300

    Business Phone with Internet 300:
    • up to 300 Mbps download
    • up to 50 Mbps upload
  • Business 500

    Business Phone with Internet 500:
    • up to 500 Mbps download
    • up to 100 Mbps upload
  • Business Overdrive

    Business Phone with Internet Overdrive:
    • up to 35 Mbps download
    • up to 10 Mbps upload
  • Business Xtreme

    Business Phone with Internet Xtreme:
    • up to 75 Mbps download
    • up to 15 Mbps upload
  • Business Xtreme Plus

    Business Phone & Internet Xtreme Plus:
    • up to 150 Mbps download
    • up to 20 Mbps upload

Bundle promotions are based on available services. Some conditions apply. Prices subject to change. Long Distance includes direct-dialed to Canada and USA. Internet service includes unlimited usage and modem rental. Contact a corporate sales representative for details.

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