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Grey Bruce Children’s Water Festival

The Grey Bruce Children’s Water Festival is a local even hosted to students to educate them on the importance of water and a healthy environment through many activities grouped into three major themes.

Water Conversation and Attitude

The main points of this theme is to explore how there is a limited supply of fresh water on the planet and how we can use it wisely to save money and energy as well as educating students on how we can both protect and pollute water supplies.

Water Protection

The main points of this theme is to explain how hard it is to clean water once it has been polluted and how clean water doesn’t always mean clean water. It also touches on how all living things depend on natural habitats and how protecting them can protect the water.

Water Science and Technology

This theme discusses how water occurs naturally as a solid, liquid, and gas and that is is found everywhere, in the air, underground, and on the ground. It also touches on how we use science and innovation to clean and move water.

This year, Bruce Telecom was a ‘Friend’ sponsor of the festival. Our sponsorship helps the festival educate students on how to develop a new-found respect for water and stewardship of the environment, begins the process of behavioral change towards water and the environment, and help initiate change within homes, schools and the community.

You can check out the Grey Bruce Children’s Water Festival website for more information about their festival as well as the activities they provide for students.