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Huron Shores Hospice – Wind Phone

This year Bruce Telecom donated the old pay phone to Huron Shores Hospice for their installation of their Wind Phone Project located at Geddes Park.

The Wind Phone was a joint project with the Tiverton and District Lions Club, which the Wind Phone was installed in their gazebo. The purpose of the Wind Phone is to give people a space for grieving individuals to connect with their departed loves ones, allowing them to express their thoughts, regrets and love, with their voice carried by the wind.

In 2010, Itaru Sasaki, a Japanese garden designer, set up the first Wind Phone in his Garden as a personal means to grieve the loss of his cousin. He placed an unconnected rotary phone inside an old-fashioned pay phone booth and shared, “Because my thoughts could not be related over a regular phone line, I wanted them to be carried on the wind.” When the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami struck in 2011, causing immense loss and devastation, Sasaki opened up the phone to the public, providing a space for friends and relatives of the victims to find solace in their grief.

This project is available to the community to use for living with their grief and letting the wind carry their voice to their loved ones.

Lion Hank VanMoorsel, Tiverton & District Lions Club and Janice Chalmers, Director, Huron Shores Hospice at the new Wind Phone at Geddes Park