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In the heart of autumn, as the leaves begin to paint the town in hues of red and gold, Port Elgin comes alive with the vibrant spirit of Pumpkinfest – an iconic celebration that has become a cherished tradition for locals and visitors alike.

As a local telecommunications company deeply rooted in the community, Bruce Telecom is thrilled to support and amplify the magic of Pumpkinfest through its role as a media sponsor. Bruce Telecom understands the importance of community connectivity, and this sponsorship goes beyond just providing WiFi. It’s a commitment to enhancing the overall Pumpkinfest experience, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and share in the festivities, whether they’re on-site or following along from afar.

Pumpkinfest, known for its spectacular display of creativity with enormous pumpkins and a multitude of family-friendly activities, perfectly aligns with Bruce Telecom’s dedication to enriching community experiences. Through its media sponsorship, Bruce Telecom aims to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of the organizers, volunteers, and participants who make Pumpkinfest an annual highlight.

The partnership between Bruce Telecom and Pumpkinfest extends beyond promotional efforts; it is a collaboration rooted in shared values. Both entities are deeply committed to fostering community growth, supporting local businesses, and creating an inclusive space where everyone can come together to revel in the joy of the season.

You can check out their website for more information about Pumpkinfest and there upcoming events.