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Let's Connect!

Fibre to the Home is Here!

Whether you’re connecting to a video call, learning a new language, or downloading a new game, you want your connection to be reliable, consistent, and fast.

Fibre to the Home is considered the most advanced technology to handle your everyday communication and beyond; from email to video calls, online shopping, streaming, gaming, learning, and working from home. Fibre optic technology allows for the best connection throughout your home, all through a single strand of glass at the speed of light.

What is Fibre?

Fibre-optic cables are made of hundreds of thin strands of glass, referred to as fibres, each about one-tenth the size of a human hair. These cables are installed in an intricate network of complex paths that that are typically aerial or underground.

Data is translated into light pulses, then sent along these hair-like fibres to reach their destination, converting these pulses into webpages, emails, television show streams, video calls, and more.

Fibre cables aren’t affected by electromagnetic interference because they use light to transmit data, not electricity, meaning the integrity of signals is not affected by electrical noise in the environment.

In copper cables, the integrity of signals can be affected by electrical noise. This can also reduce speed of transmission, which is what leads to slow load times and buffering.

Unlike traditional copper cables, fibre cables use light instead of electricity to transmit data, making them faster, stronger, and more reliable. With a fibre connection, your data literally moves at the speed of light.

Fibre is also less impacted by environmental issues, such as water or extreme temperatures, making it more durable to withstand Canadian winters and summers, along with environmental factors that would otherwise cause deterioration over time.

Why Fibre?

Did you know?

95% of Canadians say that high-quality internet access that enables them to easily and reliably download information, load web pages and use applications is important to them. Not surprising, given the amount of daily activities that being connected to the internet have become almost essential to our lives.

In fact, 7 in 10 internet users say they would be very unlikely to purchase a home in an area that didn’t have access high-speed internet.

With Fibre to the Home, more and more members of our community will have greater access to bandwidth-intensive applications like video calling, and movie, TV and music streaming, and uninterrupted game play; all under the same roof.

Fibre internet has proven to be more reliable, more secure, more durable, and over 100x faster than connection that pre-dates it; downloads that take 22 minutes over most copper wire internet connections can take as little as 8 seconds on internet connectivity delivered with fibre optic technology.

Where is the Fibre?

Construction work to locate and bury fibre cables has already been underway and will continue to expand throughout the community in 2023. Bruce Telecom anticipates that with the consent of residents, they will be able to start physically connecting homes as early as Summer 2023.

Help us get you connected!

If you’re located in a fibre-served area, submit a consent form allowing Bruce Telecom to bring the fibre from the road up to your house. Click below to download the form.

Port Elgin Ivings 2023
Paisley 2023
Tiverton 2023

So, what are you waiting for? Check today to see if fibre is available in your community!