Feature Guide

Safety Line

Increase the security and convenience of your telephone service.  With a safety line you can call another telephone number simply by lifting the receiver.

When requesting a safety line you need to tell the customer service representative what phone number you would like to be automatically dialled without having to dial.  This number will be called whenever you lift the receiver and do not dial another number within 16 seconds.

The predesignated number can be changed at any time by calling a customer care representative.  There is an admin charge of $20.75 per requested change.

Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection (Call Screen)

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to define a list of calling numbers that will be accepted.  All other incoming calls will be rejected and receive an announcement that the called party is not presently accepting calls.

  • To activate or deactivate Selective Call Acceptance dial *63 and follow the recorded instructions 

Selective Call Rejection allows you to define a list of numbers that will be blocked.  An incoming call from this list is rerouted to a recorded message and your phone does not ring.

  • To Activate or Deactivate Selective Call Rejection dial *60 and follow the recorded instructions.

Call Display Blocking Per Call

This is automatically provided free of charge and is used to prevent your telephone number from appearing to the person you are calling.

  • Dial *67 directly before dialling your call.
  • Does not work if calling emergency services or calling from an 1-800 or other toll-free number. We cannot guarantee it will work if calling outside of Canada.

Call Forwarding

Allows you have calls received to your phone number forwarded to an alternate phone number. 

  • Dial *72.  You’ll hear a special dial tone.  Enter the number you want your calls forwarded to.
  • To Deactivate dial *73.  You’ll hear two beeps to indicate your calls will no longer be forwarded.

How do I access my Bruce Telecom Voicemail?

If Bruce Telecom is providing you with voicemail service, you access it both at home and remotely by following these steps:

At Home

  • Pick up your phone and dial *98
  • When/if prompted for your mailbox number, press the # button
  • When prompted, enter your four digit PIN, followed by the # button
  •  Listen to the menu options and press the button corresponding to what you would like to do.

  Not At Home

  • Call your home phone number and let it ring to voice mail
  • After your greeting plays, press *98
  • When prompted for your mailbox number, enter your 10 digit home phone number, followed by the # button
  • When prompted, enter your 4 digit PIN, followed by the # button
  • Listen to the menu options and press the button corresponding to what you would like to do.

Too many failed attempts to log in to your Bruce Telecom voice mail will result in the suspension of further log in attempts.  If this has occurred, or if you have forgotten your PIN, please contact our technical support line for assistance.

My phone has no dial tone OR My phone line is noisy

In the event that you find your phones do not have a dial tone, there are a few options you can try to resolve the issue through:

Disconnect the power and phone cord from your main cordless phone station

Every cordless phone system has a “main” station that connects to both an electrical outlet and a phone jack.  This is where the dial tone comes in to the phone set, which then distributes the signal wirelessly to the other handsets.  Like many electronics, this can sometimes require a reboot.  Removing and reseating the phone cord will also ensure that there is a solid connection between the station and the outside line. Once you have reconnected everything, check for dial tone.

Try connecting only one phone to the line at a time

Sometimes a faulty jack or malfunctioning phone set can create enough trouble to prevent other phones or jacks from getting dial tone.  If you have multiple phones that are connected to jacks, you can test for this issue by disconnecting all phones from their jacks, and reconnecting them one at a time.  Check for dial tone after connecting each phone.  If you find that one particular phone is causing the issue, try connecting a different phone to that jack.  If the new phone gets a dial tone, the issue is with the phone you removed.  If a new phone does not get dial tone then the jack will need to be repaired by one of our technicians.

If you are unable to get dial tone back or have determined you have a faulty jack, please contact our technical support team for further assistance or to book a repair visit.

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