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All I see on my screen is “No Signal” or “Signal Lost”

This is not a message or warning that our television receivers provide.  Most likely this is a default message that your TV displays when it does not detect a video signal on the selected input setting.  To resolve this:

Inspect the television receiver Bruce Telecom provided.  If there are no lights active on it at all, please ensure that it is connected to a power source.  Should you find that the receiver is connected to a power source, but still does not have any LED’s active, please call our technical support line.

If the LED on the receiver is on but is lighting up red: This indicates that the receiver is in standby mode and needs to be turned on in order to provide a video signal to your television.  To do so, please press the “STB” button on the remote control, then press the blue “Power” button located at the top of the remote.  If done correctly, the red light on the receiver should turn blue to indicate it is now active.

In the event that the LED on the receiver is lit up blue, and your television is still displaying the message:  Try the various input/video source options on your television set.  To do this using the remote control Bruce Telecom provides, follow these steps:

  • Press the “TV” button located near the top of the remote control
  • Press the “TV INPUT” button located at the top left corner of the remote control.  This should either open up your televisions Input/Source selection menu, or change to the next available input setting
  • Try each input option available until you find the one the cable receiver is connected to
  • Press the “STB” key on the remote control when done.

Should your television still be displaying the same message after completing the steps above, try rebooting the Bruce Telecom television receiver.  You can do this by unplugging the power cord from the rear of the unit for ten seconds, and then reconnecting.  Alternatively you can press and hold the power button on the front of the receiver for 5-10 seconds until it begins to flash steadily.

If you are unsure of what input/source the television receiver is connected to, or are still seeing the message after trying the above steps, please call our technical support line for further assistance.