I’m getting a “Video Signal Blocked” message

If you are seeing the “Video Signal Blocked” message, this means that you have attempted to tune into a channel for which you are not subscribed.  To resolve this, please follow these steps:

  • On the remote control for the Bruce Telecom receiver, press the “STB” button once, then press the guide button to open the television guide.
  • Check what filter is applied to the guide.  This information is located directly above the date in the guide, and will say one of the following: All, Subscribed, HD, SD, or Favorites.
  • Press the Guide button repeatedly until you have changed the filter to Subscribed. This will allow you to once again tune into all your subscribed channels.

*The guide may close while cycling through the different filter options.  If this occurs, simply press the Guide button again to re-open the guide and continue changing filter options.*

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