My connection seems slow and I keep getting messages about an “invalid username or password”

In order to connect to the internet through Bruce Telecom, the router will be utilizing a connection method called PPPoE.  A necessity of this connection style is that the router “logs in” to our service utilizing a user name and password combination that is unique to your account.  If a router attempts to establish a connection through Bruce Telecom and does not submit a valid username or password, the internet connection will be severely limited in both speed and access to websites.

If you are using a router issued by Bruce Telecom, this information will already be programmed into the router and it should be fully activated 15 minutes after it has been added to your account.  If you are receiving the invalid login warning, please call our technical support line for assistance.

Should you elect to use your own router and have been given a plain “bridged” modem by Bruce Telecom, or if you are a fibre optic customer using your own router, please ensure that you have configured the routers connection settings to utilize PPPoE.  The username will be your Bruce Telecom email address and the password will be the same one used to access that email account.

Our technical support team is available and willing to assist you further if needed. Please contact our technical support line and we will gladly help to resolve any trouble you are having.

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