Our Routers at a glance

If you are having internet issues, the routers provided by Bruce Telecom can provide you information on their operational status through the lights located on the front panel of the router.

  • Power:  When the modem has power, this light will be active and green.  If it is red, or off, please call our technical support line for further assistance.
  • ETH WAN: This light is relevant only for our customers using fiber optic service.  The corresponding ETH WAN port on the rear of the router is where the Ethernet connection from the fiber optic terminal should be placed.  If you are a fiber optic customer, this light should be active.
  • ETH 1-4: This light is representative of the state of the four Ethernet ports on the rear of the router.  When there is an active device connected to these ports, the corresponding lights on the front panel of the router will activate.  If you are using a DSL connection and have our television service, the cable equipment we provide must be connected to one of the ports labeled ETH 2, 3 or 4.  ETH 1 is for internet devices such as PC’s, gaming consoles or streaming devices only.
  • WPS: When WPS mode has been activated, this light will flash steadily on/off, and go solid once a WPS connection has been made with your device. By default, we do not provide routers with the WPS feature activated.  If needed, we can remotely enable this feature for you.
  • 2.4G Wifi/5G Wifi: If the router is currently broadcasting an SSID on these spectrums, these lights will be active.  If the wireless broadcast has been disabled, these lights will not be active.  You can enable/disable wireless broadcast using the Wifi On/Off buttons located on the front panel of the router.
  • DSL: If you are a DSL customer, this light represents the status of your DSL Link.  If the light is active and steady, you have a DSL connection.  If the light is not active, or steadily flashing on and off, then the router has not yet established a DSL connection and may require troubleshooting.  When the router is first powered on, it may take up to 3 minutes for the DSL link to be established.
  • Internet: Indicates whether or not the router has established an internet session.  Once your DSL connection or fiber link has been established, this LED will activate and should turn green.  If this light is not active, or is red, but you have an active ETH WAN LED/Steady DSL LED, please call our technical support line.

As always, if you are having any issue with your router or services, please give us a call on our technical support line.  We will be happy to assist you.

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